Age; No Bar for Canine Learning

Human versus Canine Learning

News published in the New York Times in its November 23, 2012 issue, dispels the common myth that old dogs can’t learn new tricks. Research undertaken on a 5 year old Border collie named Gable established evidences that it could understand more than 40 words by proper training. But this canine learning is marked to be in contradiction to human learning. Whereas toddlers learn to speak by associating words with shape; Gable associated words with size. For instance, a toddler associates the word ‘phone’ with any object shaped like a telephone. While working on the study dog Gable, it was shown a horseshoe-shaped object, called a ‘dax’.

Age; No Bar for Canine Learning

When trained up for some time, Gable started identifying other objects with similarity of size by the same name. When the object was taken home for about a month, the dog started associating the word with other objects of similar textures. Canine learning faculty is non-responsive to shape. Emile van der Zee, a psychologist at the University of Lincoln in England, after his study opines why humans are more special with regard to learning language.

Dog Training

Dogs are the most domesticated animals and hence need to be trained in order to modify their normal behavior; either for assisting in performing specific activities or for undertaking definite tasks. Most importantly, they need to be socialized so that they justify the word domestication.   Dog  training is imparted to make the dogs learn the activities and the behavior that are expected out of them.

It learns though interacting with the environment around it; either through classical conditioning or operant conditioning. In the former, sensitization or habituation modifies its behavior. In the later, it associates either with behavior or consequence. There are different training methods named as Koehler, Clicker, Dominance-based, and Relation-based. For the dog to learn better, a number of factors need to be ensured such as qualities and personality of the dog, correct timing of reinforcement, punishment and consistent communication.

Misconception on Dog Behavior

Training of dogs can now be taken up in a more scientific way that would dispel a number of common misconceptions associated with behavior of dogs. Firstly, no age bar for learning as per the study made and the news publication. Since dogs want comfort like human beings, they can be allowed to sleep next to you or even on your lap. If you try to check your dog’s potty accident by rubbing its mess on its nose, she may hide in safety and make the house-keeping difficult.

A cowering dog does not necessarily be subjected to abuse in the past. It might be due negative experiences during its prime socialization period. Older shelter dogs behave well and can substitute the puppies for skipping stages of chewing, potty training and mouthing. Dogs prefer not to come closer to other dogs. Instead of allowing the dogs just to continue fighting, try breaking up the scuffle without being involved physically in the fray.


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Top 4 easy to make dog clothes patterns

Our pets share a very special relationship with us and now, it is our turn to show them our affection. We all love gifts,  and so do our pets, and when it comes to gift, what can be better than making a nice coat or sweater for our dog. Easy to follow dog clothes patterns makes it easy to sew dog clothes and have scope to experiment with the patterns as well. All it takes is a little time and effort for making a perfect gift for your dog.

Making a nice and a warm dog coat is possible with this pattern. Simply following the instructions makes the entire project very easy and adding embroidery of your choice is easy as well.

dog clothes patternsMaking a dog t-shirt can be fun with this pattern. Cutting the back, the chest and then paying a little attention to the detailing is all that it takes to sew this t-shirt for your pet. Our pets will love this comfortable t-shirt, especially in their leisure time and one can use printed material for making the t-shirt more attractive as well.

dog clothes patterns

Our small pets also deserve a nice gift from our side, and this pattern for making a coat will definitely please the little one. Using waterproof material and Velcro makes the coat adjustable for different sizes. The pattern consists of cutting and quilting the coat, which makes it warmer and cozier.  

dog clothes patterns

Another popular and easy to make pattern is this dog sweater pattern. This pattern is suitable for small, medium, as well as large dogs and it is stitched in one piece only. It is important to pay attention to the length and width while using this pattern to knit a dog sweater. Keep the finishing part in mind, so that the result is good enough for your dog. One can even show their creativity with various dog clothes patterns

dog clothes patterns

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